1 lb Purple Mountain Tsampa*

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Purple mountain tsampa logo.png

1 lb Purple Mountain Tsampa*

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What IS Tsampa?

Tsampa is the traditional food of the Tibetan people. Whole grain hull-less barley is roasted to 'pop' or 'crack' over fire, then is stone ground. Since it is already cooked, one simply mixes the tsampa with hot tea, water, milk or soup.

What's it great for?

 A quick breakfast or snack - Add whatever you like - nuts, dried fruit, honey, maple syrup…

• Camping, trekking & traveling. 
• Babies
• Elders
• The sick and infirm (mix into a thin gruel)
• Buddhist offerings of torma (offering cakes), and in sang fire offering ceremonies
• As a gift for your special Rinpoche!

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*This gift certificate is good for 1 lb. of fresh PURPLE MOUNTAIN TSAMPA, to be delivered in Crestone any time from Dec. 30, 2016 till Jan 30th, 2017. Please email email or call Ann Lachman for details and to redeem. (Contact info available on gift certificate)
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