Groovement is a 6-piece funk-rock band that embodies the soul of Northwest Arkansas – fun, unpredictable, and full of life. Groovement sounds like a Led Zeppelin collided into a Soul Train in front of the Saint Motel; more easily described as: high-energy funk-rock. Their catchy melodies, big harmonies, tasteful solos, and funky grooves easily create songs you can dance to. Deitra Magazine describes Groovement's music as "a surprising find of funky original tunes that got the crowd boogying out of their seats, as well as some unique renditions of unexpected covers."

The playful personality and strong, soulful voice of Groovement frontman, Alex Carr, helped him win a ticket to Hollywood as one of the 2011 American Idol contestants. In addition to their decorated singer, the band posseses many years of professional experience and over 30 local award show nominations. This all-star lineup includes Adam Becker (keyboards); Lucas Parker (guitar, vocals); Bryan Burkhart (drums); Tom Smith (trumpet, vocals); and Supa Man (bass).

Groovement has a reputation for putting on one of the most high-energy and professional live performances around. They’ve been steadily building a following in the United States midwest  by being featured at some of the region’s premier festivals: Wakarusa, Yonder Mountain Harvest Festival, the Backwoods Bash, Tulsa’s Mayfest, Phunkberry, Highberry, Hullabaloo, and more.

Here's a little "Something to live for".

The Alcapones

-Homegrown Ska & Reggae tunes inspired by mountain living-

alcapones 1.jpg

The Alcapones is from the Front Range, CO area with a mix of vocal and instrumental music that brings a new-school feel to what was made popular in Jamaica during the 1960s. From raw originals to Jazz/Ska/Reggae fusion, you will find that The Alcapones' styles continuously inspire your feet on the dance floor. Raise your spirit and celebrate life like a gangster of love! 

For more info on the band, some great pics and folkadelic tunes visit 

“This Boulder-based band hits the stage like a traveling minstrel show, determined to breathe as much life and fun into (insert your town name here) as they possibly can, and they do just that with their driving rhythms, delirious horn harmonies, and pointedly silly/ridiculous/wise singalong songs. The group is relentless in their determination to have as much fun as they possibly can, and to make sure their audience feels as much a part of the madcap show as the band itself.”

— William Baumgartner from BolderBeat


ONDA (Spanish for "vibe") is a nine-piece Latin dance band that quickly made a name for itself as one of the best dance bands in the Boulder / Nederland scene.  Founded in 2000, this top performance group has flourished on the Colorado music scene with a healthy mix of club, festival, theater and private event appearances. ONDA has been featured in The Denver Post, Boulder Daily Camera, Colorado Music Buzz magazine and the Boulder Weekly and enjoys a growing following and festival presence.  ONDA has headlined Boulder Creek Festival, Taste of Colorado, Grand Junction Jazz, Hudson Gardens, "Bands on the Bricks", West End Street Jam, Winefest and electrified the Crestone Music Festival (2004 & 2005), Nedfest, Boulder Int'l Film Fest and the Hot Sounds concert series.  The Fox, Boulder and Bluebird Theaters have all hosted ONDA. Frontman Roberto Sequeira heads a crew whose members are veterans of the jazz, Afro-Cuban, Latin music scene in the Boulder/Denver area.

ONDA's sound is a wonderful mix of originals, traditional Latin standards and Afro-Cuban rhythms blended with funk, salsa, R+B, Cumbia, boogaloo, reggae, boleros and modern jam arrangements.  The set is diverse and eclectic, interesting and easy on the ear and the feet! ONDA's reputation as a top shelf dance band and performance experience is well founded. An explosive horn section, tight rhythm section, seductive vocals and percussion all contribute to the irresistible ONDA groove. 

ONDA conga.jpg


2MX2 is an Alternative/Moombahton Hip Hop group out of Colorado. They are well known for their modern renditions of traditional Latin music as well as their focus on political topics such as immigration, health, education reform, and other important matters of our times.

They have performed in several of our San Luis Valley schools, as a part of our Youth Enrichment Program, to excited audiences. Always a crowd pleaser, they are sure to get you up jumping!


The band consists of members Owen Trujillo who was born in Zacatecas Mexico, and Denver native, Juice ET Hugo. Both members are bilingual emcees with a passion for conscious lyrics. Although both emcees have had their own unique struggles, they are not afraid to share their experiences with their listeners. Owen Trujillo an “illegal immigrant” who came to the United States as a child to save his younger brothers life, often speaks about his struggle growing up in a society that fostered cultural shame.  Although Hugo, a health advocate and a cancer survivor was born a citizen of the United States, he also struggled with immigration issues when he was separated from his father due to immigration laws. This dynamic duo strives to inspire through their music by sharing their personal stories with the intention of empowering their audience.

Here they are reminding us "Yes, we can!"

Zoltan & the Fortune Tellers

Wild like the west, fine like an aged whiskey
Zoltan and the Fortune Tellers are indeed frisky
Songs about women and songs about cheese
They will play a march fit for a circus of fleas
Songs about pecans and songs about peeping Toms
Delusional dictators and amorous love songs
With a rotating carousel of only the finest musicians
They are wildly hilarious, smart, and efficient
A Jack of all trades, you will find Zoltan
For if he can't do it, no one can!

Zoltan and The Fortune Tellers have been playing original music in Albuquerque for about a decade. The group Consists of Zoltan Szekely on Guitar and Vocals, Terry Bluhm on upright bass and Nick Baker on washboard, percussion, pots and pans. The band plays lots of over the top ticklishly oddball, sometimes danceable, sometimes awkward songs. 

Zoltan was born in Transylvania! (yes its real, and yes he was born there!). He is Hungarian but has lived in many places around the globe, including Romania, Hungary, and Canada, before settling down in Albuquerque, NM. Since early childhood Zoltan had a secret interest in music, taking up violin in middle school, and somehow convincing his parents to buy him an electric guitar. He started off by taking a few months of lessons from a Hungarian circus performer (trapeze was his specialty). Then struck out on a long journey of teaching himself music. He has played bass, as well as guitar with numerous Albuquerque groups ranging in style from ethnic punk rock to country, samba and groove rock. Zoltan has also worked as a musician in a couple of movies (Lone Ranger and a Million ways to die in the west). He started playing with bassist Terry Bluhm about 6 years ago, and instantly found they had great musical chemistry. Terry himself is also of eastern European origins (Polish) so the two often have lengthy and enthusiastic discussions about their Old world roots. Terry is the wise one of the group, he brings his many decades of experience playing music all over the globe to the band. Hailing from Kansas city, Nick Baker jumped on board shortly after Terry and slowly built up a jalopy of a drum kit that complimented the songs really well. It consists, literally, of pots, pans, and items only he knows the origins of, although many have wondered. Nick has a masters degree in percussion from UNM, which makes him the most academically decorated member of the group. 

Enjoy these hits from their newest album called ‘Songs of Spring’. (2016)

Blue Rooster

Blue Rooster plays a mix of blues, classic rock, R&B and originals. The musicians in Blue Rooster -- Peter Taylor on blues harp, guitars & percussion, John Hefty on bass, Eli Dokson on guitar and Dale Smith on drums – have been playing throughout Colorado and beyond for many years. Originally from Denver (Peter), Detroit (John), Miami (Eli) and L.A. (Dale), these talented musicians met up here in Crestone and lo and behold – they have a REALLY FUN TIME playing great dance music.

They play songs from 'all the greats' including, but not limited to: T Bone Walker, John Lee Hooker, Jimmy Reed, Willie Dixon, The Yardbirds, Tab Benoit, Junior Wells, Stevie Ray Vaughn, BB King, Muddy Waters and more!

So, come on down, put your boogie shoes on and get ready to dance!

Plan Be is an all original band haling from the hamlet community of Crestone, CO. They play a form of Gypsy Mountain Rock whose melodic ascensions and rhythmic thump alongside searing lyrics of the good life, the strife of life, and the fellowship with the earth will keep you going all night long. Some people have also called this music Trance Bluegrass.

Singer/songwriter and guitar player Adam Kinney comes originally from Texas where early musical influences of Nirvana and Tom Petty meshed with dreams of being a rock star. This has led to scores of songs that audiences can easily identify with and sing along, as they speak to the common struggles and joys of family, work, and striving to be a better person.

Arizona-born chopmaster Jacob Pesqueira plays the banjo like no other. Tuned GDAE and played with a guitar pick, the mesh of rhythm and melody find a perfect and infectious balance. Jacob was given a guitar by his father at age 10 and since has evolved intuitively with not only the guitar, but also mandolin, didgeridoo, and in the last few years, banjo. His influences include Django Reinhardt, Gypsy Kings, and Santana.

Plan Be’s kick drum, hi-hat, snare, and bass come from Nick Chambers. A native Coloradoan, he was influenced by an older brother to start playing the drum kit at age 10. He was playing in Denver bars at 16 and in college lived with jazz musicians whose influence of time, avant garde cadence, and funk have never left. Combining foot percussion with the electric bass is like a cerebrally-implanted metronome, allowing each to be simple yet powerful. He still plays and is influenced by traditional Irish music, be bop jazz, and funk.

Stimulus is a high-energy dance band born in the Sangre De Christo wilderness of Southern Colorado; where the freedom to explore is ever-present. This freedom manifests itself in the electric music created by Tony Karnow, Carl Cole, and Jim Price with Scarlett D'Alacio guesting on vocals. A Stimulus live show is a journey with the latitude to go anywhere (Rock, EDM, Reggae, Country, Hip-Hop, Blues, Metal, Bluegrass, Pop, etc...), and to use whatever means necessary to get there (bass, drums, guitars, keyboards, synthesizers, computer samples, midi triggers, whatever). Stimulus weaves a seamless blending of original songwriting and covers into an exceptional musical experience.